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Our Story

🍜  Do you crave ethnically authentic, traditionally prepared, homemade style Korean, Chinese food?  

🍜  Do you also dread the thought of driving 30-60+ min just to satisfy that craving?

Well, as a long time Riverside resident, Chef Troy has shared in your struggle and embarked on a journey to realize a dream - to preserve and expand Korean and Chinese heritage cuisine for all fellow food fans in the area. He seized an opportunity to train in Los Angeles under a renowned Korean franchise, Hong Kong Ban Jum. Since committing the past 12 years to honing his skills in the trenches, chef Troy has perfected his own recipes. He is now excited to be launching Eat BBop and share this with you! 

Eat BBop & Catering specializes in Korean BBQ, Chinese, and Japanese home style cuisines. At the heart of this grouping is our signature dish - Korean Fried Chicken 🔥! Our noodles are a very close second as we hand make ours from scratch - making them soft, springy and satisfyingly chewy! We choose to cook and serve food this way so you can experience the most authentic version - eating like the locals do without traveling back in time or to another country!  

Happy eating

( 맛있게 드세요  /  ma-sit-kke deu-se-yo),

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Chef Troy

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Cup Catering 

​Cup catering is a game changer, revolutionizing the way to serve and enjoy food for any occasion! The pains and stress of traditional catering are finally resolved. Treat your guests to the ultimate party and VIP experience, where they get to eat whatever they please, from a range of options, where they want, how they like, and when they chose. No more waiting in long buffet lines, running out of utensils, being confined to a table, or at the mercy of the weather. 

Keep the fun and good times rolling without interruption and allow the food to follow the people and go with the flow. You get to focus on hosting while your guests are entertained and impressed - everybody wins guaranteed! 🙌


Authentic Asian


If you're searching for authentic Asian cuisine that reminds you of grandma's cooking, then Eat BBop Asian Catering is your answer. We offer a wide selection of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dishes so you can mix and match all your favorite Asian cuisines to satisfy any crowd or party, from vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free options to spicy plates and Korean BBQ.


Known in the greater Inland Empire region for our delicious, top quality food - made the proper way for Asian food lovers. Experience the closest thing to home cooking on the streets of Asia, right from the comfort of your home or office!

wok hei wok fire

Wok Hei


Wok Hei, aka “Breath of the Wok”, is an ancient cooking method long used in authentic Asian cuisine. When exercised by a master chef, impressive textures and incredible flavors are unlocked. 


As a diehard flavor chaser, Chef Troy has explored the deep rabbit holes of Wok Hei. The fruit of that labor is his trademark technique, “Scoop the Fire”! The idea is to manipulate the flames, gracefully rolling them inside the wok, so each ingredient gets superheated without burning. So what’s the end result?


Maximum flavor for you - a tasty harmony of meat, seafood, veggies and spices, each with a satisfying crisp texture, finished with a light smokey char on the outside and a juicy tender inside. 


Experience Wok Hei today 🔥

Special 🎁 Gift

Included with every catering order is an exclusive gift from Eat BBop, our Crispy Noodles snack. Not available to order, this is reserved as as special thank you for our clients. Enjoy as a pre-meal snack, salad topping, or dessert for after the meal. Made with our handmade noodles, these crispy delights are a tasty, crunchy treat. Step aside fortune cookie, we're taking it to the next level 🚀

crispy noodles

Handmade Noodles


What makes a perfect noodle 🍜? Does it even exist?

Well why not? One thing for sure is, it would have to be hand made from scratch. For example, we start with the proven basics - flour, salt, water. Precisely measuring the quantities and ratios, then properly kneading the dough with love is the next key part in the process. 


Then they are ready to be pulled and transformed into our version of the perfect noodle. Chef Troy noticed that the length and thickness are critical. If too thick, it would collapse under its own weight, resulting in a tough, unpleasant texture and inconsistent taste. If too thin, it breaks easily with no stretch.


Because our noodles are made in small batches following Chef’s exact process, this makes every bite satisfyingly chewy, soft, and consistent. 

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