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Japanese Catering Packages

yes, we can also customize any package 👍

serves 15

3 items


House Salad
Fried Rice
Teriyaki Chicken
catering package



Made from chicken cutlets dipped and coated in panko breading. Lightly fried for a satisfyingly crunchy outside and tender moist meat inside.

  • Spiciness:    none

  • Allergens:     gluten
  • Diets:            low carb
Chicken Cutlet Tonkatsu in Corona


A bed of fresh lettuce, carrots, and purple cabbage topped with chef's special ginger dressing.  With a delicious crunchy texture paired with the sweet savory sauce makes this a top favorite.

  • Spiciness:    none

  • Allergens:     none
  • Diets:            vegan, gluten-free
Japanese House Salad in Corona

house salad

Boneless and skinless chicken thighs glazed with Chef's special scratch teriyaki sauce, wok grilled until caramelized on the outside and tender on the inside.

  • Spiciness:    none

  • Allergens:     none
  • Diets:            gluten-free, low carb

teriyaki chicken

A slice of grilled spam that is seasoned with teriyaki sauce and served on top of a bed of perfectly cooked sushi rice. The rice is then wrapped in a strip of nori seaweed to create a delicious and easy-to-eat snack.

  • Spiciness:    none

  • Allergens:     gluten
  • Diets:            gluten-free
spam musubi.jpeg

spam musubi

Made Japanese style with perfectly cooked potatoes and soft boiled eggs mixed with carrots, cucumbers, onions, and ham for a crunchy texture finished with a sweet, tangy dressing.

  • Spiciness:    none

  • Allergens:     none
  • Diets:            -

potato salad

Tuna onigiri is a classic Japanese dish that features succulent tuna filling wrapped in seasoned fluffy rice and seaweed, that is shaped into a triangle.

  • Spiciness:    none

  • Allergens:     none
  • Diets:            gluten-free

tuna rice ball

What is Cup Catering? 

​Cup catering is a game changer, revolutionizing the way to serve and enjoy food for any occasion! The pains and stress of traditional catering are finally resolved. Treat your guests to the ultimate party and VIP experience, where they get to eat whatever they please, from a range of options, where they want, how they like, and when they chose. No more waiting in long buffet lines, running out of utensils, being confined to a table, or at the mercy of the weather. 

Keep the fun and good times rolling without interruption and allow the food to follow the people and go with the flow. You get to focus on hosting while your guests are entertained and impressed - everybody wins guaranteed! 🙌

✅ 0 Waitstaff
✅ Covid friendly
✅ Completely Done For You
✅ Compatible with Cup/Drink Accessories
✅ Supports Varying Dietary Restrictions
✅ Pre-portioned, individual servings
✅ Unique Dining/Party Experience
✅ Self Serve, On-Demand Dining
✅ No Fuel or Power Required
✅ Finger Food to Appetizers
✅ Doubles as Party Favors
✅ Reduces Contamination
✅ Minimizes Waste, Mess
✅ Asynchronous Dining
✅ Eliminates Lines
✅ Display Ready
✅ Kid Friendly
✅ 0 Cleanup

The Best Affordable Japanese Catering in Corona

Looking for Delicious Japanese Catering in Corona that Won't Break the Bank?

Try our selection of affordable Japanese catering options- it's a hit! For high-quality, delicious Japanese cuisine without breaking the bank, look no further than our selection of affordable Japanese catering in Corona. You and your guests are sure to be satisfied with our delicious offerings.

Our catering services come with the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes, so you can trust that your guests will be getting an amazing meal. Our experienced, knowledgeable chefs prepare each entrée with love and care. You can also trust in our professional team who will ensure every detail during your event is taken care of- from providing exceptional service to setting up; we’ve got you covered! So let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy a delicious, stress-free meal.

Authentic Presentation & Service for an Unforgettable Catering Experience

It’s not just about the meal - the best Japanese catering should also come with unparalleled service. With affordable Japanese catering from a professional team of chefs and servers, you can be sure that the presentation and service of your meal will make it truly special. Your guests will love the added level of service, delivered with charm and expertise. So don’t settle for just any catered meal - get an unforgettable experience with authentic presentation and service provided by professionally trained chefs and servers.

Experience Professional, Timely, Friendly Service

Our staff at BBop & Catering are committed to your success and serving you. We value respect and politeness, so you can trust that your event will be catered to with excellence. We have years of experience providing professional catering and take pride in delivering delicious food, outstanding customer service, and beautiful presentation. Let us help make sure your next event is a success!

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