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Exod 12:14

Holiday & Special Catering Packages 


What is Cup Catering? 

​Cup catering is a game changer, revolutionizing the way to serve and enjoy food for any occasion! The pains and stress of traditional catering are finally resolved. Treat your guests to the ultimate party and VIP experience, where they get to eat whatever they please, from a range of options, where they want, how they like, and when they chose. No more waiting in long buffet lines, running out of utensils, being confined to a table, or at the mercy of the weather. 

Keep the fun and good times rolling without interruption and allow the food to follow the people and go with the flow. You get to focus on hosting while your guests are entertained and impressed - everybody wins guaranteed! 🙌

✅ 0 Waitstaff
✅ Covid friendly
✅ Completely Done For You
✅ Compatible with Cup/Drink Accessories
✅ Supports Varying Dietary Restrictions
✅ Pre-portioned, individual servings
✅ Unique Dining/Party Experience
✅ Self Serve, On-Demand Dining
✅ No Fuel or Power Required
✅ Finger Food to Appetizers
✅ Doubles as Party Favors
✅ Reduces Contamination
✅ Minimizes Waste, Mess
✅ Asynchronous Dining
✅ Eliminates Lines
✅ Display Ready
✅ Kid Friendly
✅ 0 Cleanup
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